Flowers In The Bottle


Are you looking for a mother's day gift? We have got a various selection of charming vintage medicine glass bottles dressed with bunch of handpicked bespoke dried flower arrangement and they will of course be wrapped with complimentary tissue paper, making them a sustainable and unique gift for your loved ones. 

The bottles are in various different shapes and sizes and we will arrange the flower according to the bottle to make sure it fits the bottle. Note the flowers will be packed and delivered as a mini bouquet in our signature tissue paper. There is something especial about unpacking them and arranging the bottle to suit your preferred style. 

Note we will randomly chose a bottle based on the stock we have got available. You can choose between a Small Or Medium Bottle and we will take care of the rest. **Note the price and theme of the flowers varies based on the size.

If there is a bottle you like from the backshot, drop us a note and depending if it's in stock, we will of course select that for you. 

~ Flowers can't solve all our problems, but they are a great start ~ 

Condition: USED! PLEASE NOTE: This item is in a pre-owned used condition. Visible wear should be expected. Items may benefit from a quick clean, as may be dusty / dirty from storage.