1921 Book Plates

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We've picked these two lovely rare book plates that are originated from a famous collection from Fabre's Book Of Insects 1921. It's often debated whether Fabre is taking about insects or people, His ten-volume Entomological Memoirs, made Jean-Henri Fabre famous in France and abroad as a humaniser of insect life. He was respected as an ethologist (one who studies animal behaviour) by his fellow scientists: Charles Darwin. 

Fabre was self-educated and devoted most of his life to observation of insects as they hunted, mated, built nests, and guarded their young. His charmingly related stories of insect life will win over even those who harbour the mist biased opinions of bugs and discovering creatures that are usually shunned or unnoticed.

We salute those who celebrate all living creatures at Antiqueologist and so proud to be bringing you Sisyphys & The Sacred Beetle. They would make a perfect gift for a newly wed, new parents and home owners symbolising new beginnings, fearlessly working together to overcome any challenges ahead. 

Dimension: Height: 30cml Width: 21cm 

Condition: USED in a very good condition. NOTE: This item is in a pre-owned used condition. Visible wear should be expected. Items may benefit from a quick clean, As may be dusty / dirty from storage.