Home diffuser - Large Lotus


Lotus des Indes  - create a relaxing space in your home with this floral diffuser.

Entirely handmade, it is a unique piece on which you add a few drops of perfume or essential oil. As a flower draws water through its stem, this perfume diffuser is impregnated with the scent poured on its petals, then the perfume escapes gently and flies into the air of the room. Ecological and beautiful, this product perfume your space in a natural and non-toxic way. Ideal for peace of mind!

Ceramic flower to be perfumed with an essential oil or a perfume concentrate. It's a perfect accessory for your bathroom, why not add your favourite essential oil just before having your bubble bath.

How to use your product: Just add 3-4 drops of the essential oil onto the flowers and put in your room. Let it refresh the space and feel the scent you like. You can refresh again and again after the scent gone without changing the colour of the flowers. Sold without perfume or essential oil.

Material: Acacia wood and ceramic flower

Dimension: Diameter: 10 cm, Height 7 cm


About: Anoq’s home accessories reflect a personality and a mind set.
Each detail is filled with emotions. Thanks to craftsmanship, we share our passion and dedication. Anoq’s uncompromising standards mean that each item offers the highest design quality as well as the best of craftsmanship, made in France.