Mini Protea Inkpots


The best things comes in small packages, this is why we have brought a limited edition Mini Protea Inkpots arranged with one of our absolute favourite bloom, Protea, making them a very special gift to send to anyone you love. 

We've got two colours available for you to choose from: Red Protea or Natural Protea depending on if you're looking for a burst of colour for your home or you'd like to add something muted and natural for a simplistic and rustic look.

These versatile inkpots could sit nicely by the window or next to your bathroom sink and can be perfect for dried/fresh flowers or use and candlestick holder. Dried flowers are timeless, but if you ever fancy a change, why not swap the dried flowers for fresh wild flowers from the garden.

They will be wrapped with tissue paper and our Iconic A hand stamped recycling brown paper. 

The name Protea was inspired by Greek Mythology. The son of the sea-god Poseidon, Proteus was known for his wisdom. He knew all things, from past to present and future, but he didn't want to share his knowledge with others. To avoid being caught by those seeking his insights, he would change his shape and escape. The protea was named after him, due it's many shapes and colours. Protea also represents diversity. 

Note we also sell the Victorian Inkpots on it's own.

Condition: USED! PLEASE NOTE: This item is in a pre-owned used condition. Visible wear should be expected. Items may benefit from a quick clean, as may be dusty / dirty from storage.