Midwinter Bamboo Oven Dish


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1970/80 collectable Midwinter bamboo Stonehenge oven dish is such a beautiful statement piece for your kitchen. 

As you may have gathered by now, here at Antiqueologist we love the symbolic meaning behind everything and this is big part of our ethos in sourcing gifted items that can have a symbolic meaning making it a more personalised gift for your home or your loved ones.

Bamboo plays an incredibly important role in Asian thought and culture. The way bamboo appears in so many legends and creation myths tells us how vital the plant is to their way of life. In fact, it seems that most Asian cultures cannot imagine a world without it.

Whether it is the source of human life or a secret repository for divine power, bamboo does seem to possess some magical properties. We can eat it, we can build with it, we can write on it. We can even make clothing from it. So let’s all take a moment, once in a while, to stop and give thanks for the mighty bamboo plant. A gift from the heavens.

Dimension: 30cm x 24cm