Hunters In The Snow Wooden Framed Painting

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In his typical peasant genre with landscape scene, Hunters in the Snow is one in a series of six paintings by Pieter Bruegel The Elder 1565 depicting the different seasons of the year.

It's presented in a wooden frame marked at the back to be sold or framed by John Mathieson & Co in Edinburgh. It has also got a personal hand written note 'To John with love from Ali 30.09.60 which indicated the age of the print.

Pieter Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow offers a bird’s eye view of a world locked in winter that is nevertheless teeming with life, with hunters and their dogs and ice skating peasants and a wheeling crow and the busied preparations for the cold weather.

The scene is of hunters returning with their dogs from an unsuccessful hunting expedition. Also created during a time of religious revolution in the Netherlands, Brueghel is giving us a secular illustration of what country life should look like.

Dimension: with frame Height: 45 x Width: 60.5 cm

Condition: USED! PLEASE NOTE: This item is in a pre-owned used condition. Visible wear should be expected. Items may benefit from a quick clean, as may be dusty / dirty from storage.