Hobby Metal Mini Ornaments

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During the lockdown many of us have turned to hobbies and craft and gardening as a form of healing and we think it's absolutely brilliant. Our busy lifestyle doesn't make time for us to do more of what we enjoy as we're just busy juggling modern life and here at Antiqueologist our mission is to promote and encourage others to do more of things they love. It's so good for the mental health and soul. We do believe that we are all artist and have hidden talents we may not yet be aware of. The only way to discover yours is to start making. 

I've got four lovely vintage collection of small miniature collectable vintage ornaments:

A doll house miniature antique brass metal sewing machine (made in England)

Vintage Dinky Toys Meccano Ltd 105B Wheelbarrow produced from 1948-1954. In brown and red die cast metal with a lead front wheel.

vintage ceramic acrylic pink paint tube box with delicate art easel shape latch

Great vintage "Carpenter" belt with a tool buckle by the Great American Buckle Co 1981.