Daisy - Wall Hanging Plant Pots


The Daisy pot proven to be very popular and it's now back in stock due to high demand, we have also added this wall mounting edition, note the back is flat and comes with two hole for easily attaching it to the wall. This will be a charming statement piece to add flowers to your wall both indoors or outdoors. ***Note there is a drainage hole at the bottom -

Dimension: Dimeters 30cm Height 18cm

Amongst Danes it is public secret that family and friends called the Danish Queen, her royal highness Margrethe the 2nd, the nickname Daisy, referring to the flower by the same name, with all its class, elegance and simple beauty. Berg's Potter daisy has been designed by Bergs itself and represents this strength and elegance.

Due to the durability and versatile timeless look, these pots can fit in both modern and traditional homes and passed down in generation.

About Bergs Potter design: The Bergs Potter natural plant pots are designed in Denmark and handcrafted with love, from the best Italian premium quality clay, at a small, family owned workshop in Tuscany. The clay is fired at very high temperatures, giving the pots a natural strength making these pots suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The high density of clay, make the pots frost resistant and allows air to the roots and retain moisture due to the superlative quality of the clay, thus given plats the optimum growth condition.

Why I have chosen to partner with Bergs Potter for My e-store.

Sustainability runs through every stage of production:
  • They ensure all employees in both Italy and Denmark work in equally good conditions
  • They use top-quality clay, and avoid harmful additives to frost-proof pots. Clay quality means also that we do not need to glaze the pots.
  • Our production is done in Italy, making the transport path relatively short and using less fuel.
  • We avoid waste of resources at any point in production. Should a pot break, for example, farm-owner Ernst uses shards like gravel in his courtyard at Vejborggaard where our warehouse is located. Over time, the yard is looking better and better!
  • We use ECO labelled products as often as possible.