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For our first trading mother's day, we (as in me Seppi & my business, Antiqueologist) have decided to do something a bit different, something that is close to my heart. 

As well as celebrating all amazing mothers this month, we also wanted to include and shout about those mothers like myself, who may have lost their babies too soon. 

I appreciate that this month will be very difficult for those mothers who may be grieving a loss and feeling confused  about if they can be part of the celebration or not, should they be part of it? I wonder that daily myself...

So this is why I have decided to partner with a small charity to give something back to those who are seeking answers, who need to also be recognised as mothers, those who are dealing with grief during a pandemic. I desperately want to let them know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Teddy's Wish

Teddy's Wish was founded by a wonderful parents who sadly lost their baby to SIDS. They have since tried to turn that devastating experience into a force of good. They are committed to improving the support services that families facing baby loss so desperately need.


'When we said goodbye to Edward in the hospital, we vowed we would live our lives for him, just as we would if he was still with us.'


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 WE NEED YOU! to help us raise money

for Teddy's Wish!

To help raise funding to support the amazing work that Teddy's Wish is doing, I'm going to donate the money raised by the sale of our pair of bespoke greeting cards 1 x Lavender & 1 x Pink Daisy to Teddy's Wish Charity.

The printed art on both greeting cards were painted by a talented self-taught artist based in Sweden, who happened to also be my own beautiful mother @shahinhedayati_art  

From my mum, me a grieving mum, to ALL you amazing mums out there. We see you and love you all. 

Together always x



***please note at the checkout there will be £4 automatically deducted from the price to override our flat rate delivery cost, which will be added. We are taking a small percentage of the sell to send this post care out to you. Note both cards are blank with a little print at the back informing about the money being donated to Teddy’s Wish Charity****

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