The Hoff Pot 8cm


A collaboration design with graphical designer Anne Hoff this series of terracotta pots bringing a whole new dimension to Berg's philosophy. First class, raw terracotta allowing roots to breath and plants to thrive. 

Dimension: 8cm

Due to the durability and versatile timeless look, these pots can fit in both modern and traditional homes and passed down in generation. A timeless Terracotta we also like to experiment to place place the saucer on the top and use it as a candle holder for outdoor fiesta when the weather allows it of course.

About Bergs Potter design: The Bergs Potter natural plant pots are designed in Denmark and handcrafted with love, from the best Italian premium quality clay, at a small, family owned workshop in Tuscany. The clay is fired at very high temperatures, giving the pots a natural strength and a special treatment ensures that the saucers are water-proof, making these pots suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The high density of clay, make the pots frost resistant and allows air to the roots and retain moisture due to the superlative quality of the clay, thus given plats the optimum growth condition. 

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