Heritage Brands

At Antiqueologist we are always in search of unusual and heritage brands to partner with to add to our e-store. We would like to give you a little background about these brands here, which hopefully explains the reasons why we have chosen to partner with them. We simply adore these brands and hope that you, if not already, will equally learn to fall in love with them.

All the products have been selected by us and will be shipped from our UK HQ. Note, sometimes they can be delivered to you in their original branded carboard boxes. As you know, it's our mission to reduce paper waste, so where possible, we would be looking to limit the overpacking of the boxes, still ensuring a safe delivery of your treasures. 

Bordallo Pinheiro

Bordallo Pinheiro

Bordallo Pinheiro with it's artistic heritage plays an essential role in the revitalization of Portuguese ceramics. The brand’s utilitarian and decorative pieces continue to feed our collective imagination and to take the prestige of Portuguese culture and industry one step further.

Raphael Bordallo Cabbage

Bordallo Pinheiro remains faithful to tradition through the use of ancestral manufacture techniques and the naturalistic motifs at the root of the brand’s great project. 

Raphael Bordallo PinheiroRaphael Bordallo Pinheiro is one of the most influential people of nineteenth century Portuguese culture, with a remarkable production particularly regarding the areas of humoristic drawing, caricature and ceramic creation. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro will forever be intimately associated with caricature and artistic ceramics, showing quality and important pieces never seen before, and which, in the opinion of renowned modern artists, are the work of a genius.

In 1884 Bordallo began his ceramics production at the Fábrica de Faianças in Caldas, revealing pieces of great technical, artistic and creative quality, developing azulejos (blue tiles), panels, pots, table centre pieces, vase busts, fountain basins, pitchers, plates, perfume bottles, vases and gigantic animals, etc.


Bergs Potter 

We are proud to be sharing with you our second chosen brand partner. As you may have gathered by now, here at Antiqueologist, we share a huge passion for nature. We often look for treasures like vase, pots and stoneware that can help you bringing some of that outdoor beauties, indoors.

Especially now more than ever, that we are spending more time indoors in our home, it is apparent that we need to have more plants, because they act as an air purifier and particularly good for the soul. Now we do not expect everyone to have expert green fingers, we certainly had our fair share of struggles, but with a little love, patience, and research, and well the most important part, THE PERFECT POT, that we have taken care of for, we hope you will be on a right track to start your growing plant journey.

In 1942 during one of the bleakest periods of World War II, Victor Berg inherited a ceramic shop on Rantzausgade neighborhood of Copenhagen. Victor, an eager young accountant, wanted to bring a bit of life and colour into the war-depressed lives of his fellow Copenhageners, (see, we share the same vision in 2021 too!). He decided the best way to do so would be to add flowers to the shop. The unique combination of fresh flowers and aged ceramics soon made the store a popular place to visit and shop.

In 1986, the legacy was passed on to his juniors who equally shared their father’s passion for flowers and pots and were enthusiastic about pottery, history, and archaeology. In the end, they stumbled on their first inspiration when they found an elegant flowerpot in an old garden shed. There on in Tuscany they found skilled clay craftsmen and imaginative pottery artisans. That is when to this date the production of design inspired by the Italian artisan and finest clay is used to produce Berg’s Potter finest Terracotta pieces.

The natural perfectly imperfect texture of terracotta is timeless and so versatile that it can work in any era, no matter if you are a minimalistic person who loves modern interior or if you like us are an old soul who share a huge passion for mixing rustic, country, and natural elements to create a unique, yet welcoming ambience. 

Steffen Berg said that if plants could speak, they would tell you that there is nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe and superior clay holds in the moisture they need. The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.


We're delighted to be bringing ANOQ to Antiqueologist. Having home accessories that reflect a personality and a mind set and can connect with our emotions is a huge part of what we do and it's great to be partnering with likeminded businesses who share this passion. Read on to find out more about the brand.

When Caroline crossed, on a jukung, the strait of Madura, set between Bali and Java, she discovered a small Indonesian Fishing port next to Surabaya.

This inspiring village, conducive to thoughts and letting go, was the place where Caroline had the idea and desire to share her story and her journeys through graceful decoration objects and scents. It all began there.

Anoq’s home accessories reflect a personality and a mind set. Each detail is filled with emotions. Thanks to craftsmanship, we share our passion and dedication. Anoq’s uncompromising standards mean that each item offers the highest design quality as well as the best of craftsmanship.


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