ANTIQUEOLOGIST LTD is a UK based lifestyle company, established in 2020. The founders of the brand have a huge passion for selecting and sourcing classic, timeless and unique pieces that will brighten up any home. 

We do not believe in following trends and fashion; every person is unique and at ANTIQUEOLOGIST we celebrate uniqueness and individuality. We believe that our home is the heart of our everyday living and every item displayed or used in our home can tell a story about who we are as a person.  That is why we invest so much time and energy into our research, sourcing and collaborating with brands and artists that we feel share our passion, to bring a touch of craftsmanship, individuality, sustainability and uniqueness into your beloved homes. 

We also do not believe in single-use items. We believe that any item could and should be used again and again to fit all the celebrated and significant milestones, because we know that those milestones can change and define our life, at any given time.  

Above all, our range MUST stand the test of time.