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Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day Gift

Happy First Of March!

For our first trading mother's day, we (as in me Seppi & my business, Antiqueologist) have decided to do something a bit different, something that is close to my heart. 

We believe that mothers deserve to be celebrated this month, especially with the current pandemic, they have had to take on more responsibilities, juggling work and home schooling is not easy and we salute you!

However this month we wanted to also include and shout about those mothers like myself, who may have lost their babies too soon. This time last year, I had a miscarriage and it broke me in so many ways, but it also gave me courage to be bolder and take more risks, if it wasn't for my little unborn angel, I probably wouldn't had the courage to start this little business, so I owe it to his/hers little lost soul to do something, Antiqueologist was registered on what it meant to be my due date, because I wanted to give this little angel a chance to make his/hers mark on this earth and prove that he/she existed and once lived inside me for a short little magical moment.

I appreciate that this month will be very difficult for those mothers who may have experienced a loss and feel like they can't be part of it, should they be part of it? I wonder that daily, so this is why I have decided to partner with a small charity to give something back to those who are seeking answers, who needs to be recognised as mothers and dealing with grief and I desperately want to let them know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Teddy's Wish

Teddy's Wish was founded by a wonderful parents who sadly lost their baby to SIDS. They have since tried to turn that devastating experience into a force of good. They are committed to improving the support services that families facing baby loss so desperately need.


'When we said goodbye to Edward in the hospital, we vowed we would live our lives for him, just as we would if he was still with us.'


Click on the image to join @Teddys_wish on Instagram

Teddy's Wish Instagram



CLICK HERE to help us raise money for Teddy's Wish

To help raise funding to support the amazing work that Teddy's Wish is doing, I'm going to donate all the money raised by the sale of our bespoke greeting card.

These printed art on these greeting cards were painted by a talented self-taught artist based in Sweden, who happened to also be my own beautiful mother @shahinhedayati_art  - for as long as I can remember my mum's been a creative soul. Me and my older sister often were seen wearing matching kitted jumpers or come home to discover a new art creation hanging in our room. She sadly had to put her creative side aside for a very long time, because as a sacrificing mother she wanted to put all her focus on to raising her 3 children. I'm so proud of her for finding her mojo back again and at age 65, she picked up her paint brush to paint again! Her determination, can-do-attitude and fierce social skill has been something I really admire about her. She embraces her age and her retirement as a new self discovery. She is my inspiration! 


You can purchase these blank greeting cards, which were kindly created for me by another small business @Hurricanerami, directly from our e-store. We will take a small amount for shipping, but the total amount raised at the end of March will be donated to Teddy's Wish Charity. 

Thank you and please join us in our mission to give something back to those who may find this month very challenging. 

Thank you,